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Decentralized data science without the headaches. Gigantum is the best way to create, move and share your work.

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Create reproducible work and share with the world, without wasting time. Whether you work locally or in the cloud, Gigantum helps you work better without changing how you work.
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Work Where You Want

The Gigantum Client is open-source and runs on Docker, so you can work on different computers and cloud resources. Right-size your compute while controlling your costs.

Local - Run on a laptop or workstation
Remote - Scale up in your cloud of choice
Everywhere - Sync up to 5GB of data to backup and move work for free

Work With The World

It’s never been easier to create and share customized work. Gigantum’s user-friendly and seamless experience eliminates the difficulties without over simplifying.

Share - Openly publish your work for anybody to find and use
Collaborate - Share privately with permissions to work with others but maintain control
Explore - 5 hours of free compute per month lets you check out content on Gigantum Hub

Work Better

Gigantum automates the best practices and skill-intensive tasks that are crucial to good data science, but aren’t actually “data science.”

Versioning - Automated and integrated versioning of code, environment and data
Portability - Managed Docker containers so code runs everywhere
GPU Support - Portable and reproducible deep learning workflows
Integrations - Use familiar tools like Jupyter and RStudio
The features you’d expect from an cloud-only platform, on your laptop.
Ready to spend less time worrying about the details and more time working on what matters to you?